Path of Awareness



Every human being originally has

  • creative and cognitive attitude to the world,
  • an ability to experience happiness directly,
  • an aspiration to give this happiness to others.

But we do not always succeed to develop our abilities spontaneously. Therefore the path is needed. "Path of Awareness" school implements system and functional approach to the realization of one's genuine deepest aspirations.



1. Unlike most of the psychological methods, our system-functional approach profoundly uncovers the interrelations of five sides of the human world:


sensations (emotions, associations; "What?" question),


forms (algorithms, logic; "How?" question),


perception in relations (meanings, intention; "What for?" question),


volition (realization, execution; implementation of designs),


consciousness (directly the phenomena, beyond interpretations and approaches).

Thanks to this understanding, not only single "pieces" of our life can be perfected, but the deep transformation is possible - down to the very roots of any problem, to the very center of our existence.

2. A bird building a nest can skillfully use different expedient materials. Similarly, it's useful for us, in order to implement our original nature,

- to absorb easily the newest ideas, methods and means of expression,
- and at the same time to rest on the millenia-old experience of all the world culture.

"Path of Awareness" school, relying on the thorough sympractic studies of the main systems of human development, proposes to learn five interrelated arts:




the art of cognition,




the art of energy development,




the art of direction,



the art of mind layout,




the art of discipline.


What for

Our heart knows this.

To become free from hollow and petty, from stupidity, malice and biases. If you know your deepest wish, then to get best means for it's implementation. If you don't know your deepest wish, then to set out in search...


Currently we are located in Moscow (Russia) and conduct lessons there or, for example, in summer camps. Additional lessons are possible by request.

Because basically it's Russian-language site, please write us to know about events and methodology in English. Feel free to ask; we keep no secrets.

Let complete happiness and freedom be with everybody!


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